February 2024 Recap & Personal Update

Rosa Diaz-Casal
3 min readFeb 29, 2024

Gratitude, growth and the game of perseverance…

In January, I embarked on a journey of fearless writing and personal growth. Since then, I’ve shared more about myself and my experiences with you without any fear or aim towards perfectionism.

February has shown me that the journey is worth it.

As I am going through a kind of life transition, my work schedule outside the home and means of transportation has changed and allowed me to dedicate more time and energy to my writing. For this, I am grateful.

I read somewhere that the time of waiting for something you’ve been praying for is a time of learning lessons. I’ve had much of that and introspective time as well.

My Medium followers are now over the about 3,150 — still chasing the 4K and I’m planning on staying in the game. I think there is incredible value in being in the game longer than anyone else. The last man standing is often the winner.

My Substack is over the 200 followers, increased by 24 in the last month. I remain ever so grateful the advice of the experts.

On the fitness front, the weather and my new schedule have made a definite contribution. I walked a total of 29 miles, participated in 5 yoga sessions.

My favorite articles from my favorite writers on Medium were:

I believe that in any creative skill you have to expect that there’s going to be a lot of “not fun” times as you learn or get better at it.

You have to go in it understanding that there’re going to be years of dissatisfaction, years of wondering if your work is ever going to get better.

I’m learning that those years are the point of the whole thing. You have to get so much work out of your system and every work that you do is adding to that quota. If you don’t do that bad work, you’ll never get better.

I’m mentioning here the writers I read and get inspiration from:

Anne Brady, Filza Chaudhry, Skyflier, Daniel Baur, Henry India Holden💖, Eve Arnold, Tom Handy, Susan Wheelock, Annelise Lords, Issabella, Alex Rotar, Jonathan Berent, Eric Fung, Becca Brooks, Fahaz Hameed, Alex Mathers, Mark Tey 🦊, Tonya Johnson, Fran Murphy, Shanti C K, Aliya🦋, Belle Rose, Jake Finn, Dawn Ulmer, Ben Reading, Darren Aris, Andrea Berdondini, Sheila & David, Nat, Life Improvement, Araci Almeida, Stephen Dalton, Joel R. Dennstedt, Chrissy Cordingley, Michael Rhodes, Kristina God, MBA, Gladys Carmina, Deb Palmer, Alyssa Mahin, Rui Alves

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